Special acoustic spaces, professional equipment and inspiring environment of the music chapel helps musicians to work in a relaxed and harmonious environment. We love unique challenges. Sound recording, mixing and mastering with the management of our sound engineer Szabolcs Kapui.

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Want to experience the effect of intimate live music? Come visit us and enjoy the pleasure of a nascent music. Concert recordings are an interesting impression both for musician and audience. Follow our website and our facebook page for current information!

There are many unique antique keyboard instruments from the collection of Takács Szilvia harpsichordist at the music chapel. We also offer our Yamaha hybrid piano for studio recordings. Ask about the details of the use of musical instruments!

We are pleased that you came by to visit our website. We trust you perceive the wonderful experience provided by the music chapel either as a musician or as audience. Specially designed acoustic spaces of the building are suitable for audio recordings and concerts as well.

Quiet, calm and sophisticated environment welcomes the visitors. The all-clear sound experience and the intimate atmosphere gives a real spiritual recreation.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Welcome to the website of Music Chapel!

We create introduction and promotional videos as well. There are also multi-camera or even edited concert recordings available. All in professional sound quality.

Musical Instruments



The Magyar Kultúra Kiadó publishing CD-s, DVD-s, books and audiobooks is at your disposal with many years of professional experience. For any advice in publishing please contact us.

Graphic design and reproduction is done by our partner Táltos Nyomda meeting high standards of quality. We undertake complex services when making any audio material from recording to production.

We hosted the Stummer Márton Quartet!